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Dr. Quatrexin's Armor Fragment

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From the Story Arc "Armor Wars" given by Black Scorpion.
This Souvenir is restricted to villains in the level range of 40-44.

Souvenir's Text

Souvenir: Dr. Quatrexin's Armor Fragment

This is a piece of Dr. Quatrexin's armor, taken from him after his defeat in a story you like to call

Armor Wars

It all started when Black Scorpion sent you to collect payment from Crey for a side job he did. Breaking into the Crey lab, you wreaked havoc and collected Black Scorpion's payment. You also discovered something very important - Crey used the time spent with Black Scorpion to analyze and derive schematics of his power armor! Black Scorpion was furious!

Black Scorpion sent you to one of Crey's main robotics labs in Paragon City to see if you could find the truth behind the schematics theft. You discovered that Crey was working on a new mass-producible variant of the Scorpion armor, designed by non other than Dr. Quatrexin, the designer of Black Scorpion's original suit of power armor!

The Paragon Protector you interrogated in the robotics lab mentioned that Quatrexin was operating right under Black Scorpion's nose, so Black Scorpion sent his operatives on a reconnaissance of Grandville. He received reports of Crey activity in the Gutter beneath Spider City, so you were sent to investigate. There you found Crey field-testing their newest development: Crey Scorpinoid Tanks! You destroyed the Scorpinoid squads and interrogated the research leader, discovering that Crey thought Quatrexin was holding out on them since the Scorpinoids weren't working quite as effectively as they should be.

Black Scorpion's operatives traced the Crey Scorpinoids back to a Crey lab in Grandville. You went in to find Quatrexin, but found Malta headed up by a group of Knives of Artemis taking down everyone in the lab! It turns out Dr. Quatrexin betrayed Crey and went over to Malta!

Black Scorpion conceded to getting the Arachnos Arbiters involved at this point. He didn't feel he could start going after Malta without the consent of the Arbiters since Arachnos has an understanding with Malta about their activities. Black Scorpion sent you to speak with Arbiter Daos, who after some deliberation and berating, allowed you to go after Dr. Quatrexin and his Malta allies. Arbiter Daos gave you the coordinates to the Grandville Malta secret base, where you managed to destroy Quatrexin's main research computer and found the location of Quatrexin himself - in Paragon City!

Black Scorpion traced the location where Dr. Quatrexin had shipped his armor to - a warehouse in Independence Port of Paragon City. You went there and had a final battle with Dr. Quatrexin and his Malta allies, but even Quatrexin's new advanced power armor wasn't enough to stop you from carrying out the wrath of Black Scorpion!

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