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Dollface's Toy Cat

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From the Story Arc "Price of Victory" given by Dr. Graves.
This Souvenir is restricted to the level range of 15-19.

Souvenir's Text

This innocent-looking plush toy reminds you of the horrors that can lie beneath an innocent façade...

The Hearts of Darkness - Price of Victory

Having won the Killing Game, you were prepared to finally collect your prize. However, Graves informed you that you must first hunt down and kill your fellow contestants.

You first tracked down Zephyr, and after learning to summon his corporeal form, managed to corner him in his lair. Right as you were about to deliver the killing blow, Scirocco asked that you stay your hand, and began recruiting for a campaign against Graves.

After recruiting Zephyr, you next sought out Omnicore, who had left a conspicuous trail throughout Cap au Diable. You finally tracked her to her lab, where she unveiled shield generators that made her invulnerable. After destroying the generators and defeating Omnicore, you convinced her to join you against Graves.

You then tracked Crosscut to an abandoned warehouse, where he was toying with a hapless member of the Skulls gang. You managed to defeat Crosscut, but he would only join you if you allowed him to finish 'playing' with his prey. You easily agreed, and gained a new... friend.

After recruiting Zephyr, Omnicore, and Crosscut to your cause, Scirocco directed you to follow and assault Graves before he could escape. You planned an ambush, but were betrayed by Zephyr and Omnicore! You and Crosscut managed to defeat all three of your adversaries, at which point Graves informed you of your dire situation: Dollface had been running the entire contest from the start!

You managed to corral Graves and the other contestants into a full-on assault on Dollface's mansion. The five of you eventually confronted Dollface in the basement of her mansion, where she revealed her true self. After a grueling fight, Dollface disabled your allies and prepared to possess your body! Thankfully, Scirocco and his Mu were prepared for this event, and captured Dollface.

You were never granted the immense power you were promised, but you managed to escape alive. You also seem to have earned some degree of respect from Scirocco, which few in the Rogue Isles can claim. Perhaps, one day, you will be able to use this to your advantage...

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