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Diabolique's Taunts

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From the Story Arc "To What End for Power" given by Praetor Duncan.
This Souvenir is restricted to level 50.

Souvenir's Text

Diabolique's Taunts

You remember Diabolique's taunts against you, claiming she was better than you, that you could never stop her. She continued her words right up until she was devoured by Mot. The ordeal with her made you wonder...

To What End for Power

You previously destroyed the Knives of Vengeance, easing the rate at which Mot's power was advancing. You ended up working with Praetor Duncan after discovering Diabolique was somehow involved with Mot and the Banished Pantheon.

In your search for Diabolique, you discovered that the Circle of Thorns had actually fought Mot once before, back in the time of Cimerora. You also found out that Diabolique intended to somehow use the power of Mot for her own gain, seeking to gain power beyond that which she ever had.

You were also reunited with Scirocco, who had returned to help finish the fight against Mot. In the end, Diabolique's power was not enough to stop you. In her final moments, she cursed you before being absorbed by Mot, who was assumedly displeased with Diabolique's actions.

You met with Ajax, who told you that if you were going to stand a chance against Mot, you would have to travel back to Cimerora, back to the time where the Circle of Thorns first fought Mot.

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