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Detective Fish

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Detective Fish
File:Detective Fish 01.jpg
Detective Fish
Zone Brickstown
Coordinates (32, -161, -301)
Level Range 30-40
Introduced By None
Introduces Missing Info
Enemy Groups

V badge ArachnosBadge.png Arachnos
Badge villain tsoo.png Tsoo
Badge villain freakshow.png Freakshow
V badge Villain.png Rogue Isles Villains
Badge villain council.png Council
Badge villain nemesis.png Nemesis

Badge villain crey.png Crey
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Detective Fish is a hero contact in the Seven Gates neighborhood of Brickstown at coordinates (28.5, -160.5, -301). Detective Fish is a Police Band contact. He is located inside the Paragon Police Department.

He functions as the Safeguard Mission contact as does Detective Miller.

Detective Fish's name is a reference to Detective Phil Fish, a character played by Abe Vagoda on the TV shows Barney Miller and Fish.

Detective Fish and his partner Detective Miller are the only two Safeguard Contacts whose appearance are not modeled after the TV Characters they are named for.

Det. Fish is reputedly modeled after Sean "Manticore" Fish, a writer for CoH.


Contact Introduces

Your reputation in Paragon City has grown. The people have come to respect you and many good citizens are seeking your help. Go see Detective Fish to be introduced to a new Contact.

Multiple contact options
Missing text
Single contact option
Missing text

Need Contacts


Police Liaison

A lifetime working in Paragon City has taught Detective Fish a lot of valuable things that he continues to pass on to all those he works with.

Wrong Detective

Another hero? Alright, you're Character, right? I'm looking here and it doesn't look like you're one of mine, at least, I'm not supposed to be working with you right now. Did you talk to Detective Miller? He might be able to help you.

Too Low Level

If I'm gonna send you out there, I think you need to be ready for it. Why don't you come back when you're around security level 30 or so.

Initial Contact

You know how this works, right? I make sure you have the police band radio frequencies you need, and then if you help us out so we know we can count on you, you'll be the first one we'll talk to if something big goes down.

Now that you've gotten a Police Radio, you can start scanning Police chatter to hear about the crimes as they're committed in your current zone. You can then act on a report by selecting it from the Police Radio, listed under your Contacts.


  • How are you doing? Me, I'm a bit chilly.
  • What a day, huh?

Too Busy

Don't overdo it, Character. You've got a lot going on as it is. Why don't you finish up some of the things you're already doing for now?

No More Missions

Missing No More Missions Dialogue


Template:Safeguard Talos Island

Protect Brickstown bank

While listening for the latest signs of trouble, you hear a call asking for heroes to speak with Contact directly. Something big is happening.


We've got a situation in Brickstown. Nemesis is about to make a coordinated strike on the bank, and rumor has it that Arachnos may have sent Ice Mistral to assist them. I need you to head to Brickstown and stop the assault! Reports have come in that troops have been spotted entering the bank already, so you should head over there now. You probably have about 5 minutes or less before they make their escape.

This is a Safeguard mission. Once you prevent the heist, you will have 15 minutes to explore the area and potentially earn extra rewards before the P.P.D. lock down the area. You can earn extra time by defeating vandals and completing side missions.

Mission Acceptance

In addition to the chaos by Nemesis troops, the Council are taking this as an opportunity to display their power, and have sent their troops into the streets. The more of them you stop, the easier it will be to clean up the streets! Be wary, if you provoke them, they may try to cause mayhem, so watch out for anyone who is vandalizing the area.

Periodically, vandals will arrive to destroy parts of the city. You will see a message when they arrive, and their locations will be displayed in your minimap.

Mission Refusal

What?! I understand, Character. You no doubt have some very important things to do. We'll do our best to stop them, but it doesn't look good.

Unnecessary Solicitation

Go protect Brickstown!

Mission Objective(s)

The first thing you notice are the Council troops lining the streets, waiting for anyone to cross their path. Nemesis troops are causing mayhem, destroying property and holding guard at key locations. You can't let the city fall to these criminals!

  • Protect Brickstown bank

You saved Brickstown!


Badge villain council.png Council
Badge villain nemesis.png Nemesis
Badge villain crey.png Crey

Possible Villains

Side Missions

Keys for side missions can be found by defeating Nemesis groups.

Prevent Arson

Icon clue generic.png
Fire Bombs
These are massive fire bombs the Nemesis were going to set in a nearby building. Disarm the bombs!

Prevent Bombing

Icon clue generic.png
Fire Bombs
These are massive fire bombs the Nemesis were planting underneath the city. Find and defuse the rest of them!!

Prevent Jailbreak

Icon clue generic.png
Wanted poster
A wanted poster of Hollow Point


Icon clue generic.png
Wanted poster
A wanted poster of Savage Siren


Icon clue generic.png
Wanted poster
A wanted poster of Shock Treatment

Prevent Vault Break-In

Icon clue generic.png
A newspaper ad detailing several interesting items on sale.

Prevent Weapons Deal

Icon clue generic.png
Shady Dealings
These papers talk about a deal between Crey Industries and the Nemesis Army that's going down right now!

Exploration Badge

Heroes can earn the Cornerstone Badge during this mission. Its coordinates are (-405.8, 0.3, -128.6) (Close to the entrance of the arms deal sub-mission).

File:Badge tourist 01.png Cornerstone

The Freedom Phalanx and WISDOM stopped a massive Banished Pantheon attack in this area.

Temporary Power

Upon successful completion of this mission for the first time, a hero will earn the Health Increase temporary power.

Temporary Mayhem SelfHeal.png Health Increase Self Auto: +Max Health
Your maximum health is increased slightly. This effect lasts for 1 day of gameplay.


Excellent work, Character! You have prevented the villains from causing mayhem in Brickstown!

Mission Failure

You did your best, I guess this task was just too much for you.