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Damaged power source

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From the Story Arc "The Mind of a King" given by Wyatt Anderson, Maggie Greene, Jake Montoya, or Colleen Saramago.
This Souvenir is restricted to the level range of 15-19.

Souvenir's Text

Damaged power source

This burned out piece of technology represents the beginning and the end of a puzzling mystery. It seems the Clockwork King powers his constructs through telekinesis alone. the magnitude of his power must be astronomical for him to operate so many Clockworks at once, and at such a great range. All that remains now is to find the Clockwork King and force him to stop his mental marionettes. You learned all this in an adventure you've come to think of as:

The Mind of a King

It all began when your contact asked you to retrieve a Clockwork power source for analysis. You hit the streets, defeating many Clockwork before you recovered a suitable piece.

But the piece was only a small part of the mystery. Your contact sent you to a Clockwork base to retrieve a Clockwork broadcasting unit. After examining the unit, your contact was able to detect a similar signal coming from the sewers. You followed the signal, and discovered that it came from a Vahzilok broadcasting unit.

Your contact could only conclude that Vahzilok was the device's owner, and that the Clockwork were mearly using it for scrap. Puzzled, your contact asked you to recover some more Clockwork parts. Determined to solve the mystery, you went back to the streets.

You returned with 15 defeated robots, which your contact tried to reactivate. These efforts were not successful, but the robots were spurred to life anyway by the mental energies of the Clockwork King.

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