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Crey logo

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From the Story Arc "Countess Coup" given by Regent Korol.
This Souvenir is restricted to the level range of 40-44.

Souvenir's Text

This is the Crey Industries logo, taken from their main laboratory in Paragon City. You ripped it from the wall after a tale you like to call:

Countess Coup

It all started when Regent Korol discovered Crey spies trying to steal data from one of the Grandville Arachnos bases. You were sent in as a relief force to stop the Crey spies from escaping. In the end, the Crey spies still managed to send a transmission to an offshore cargo ship, supposedly containing data files on Arachnos Tarantulas.

Regent Korol sent you to take down the other Crey spies on the ship and recover the data files. During the fight on the ship you discovered the authorization of the data theft was direct from Countess Crey herself! Apparently she wanted to get hold of the Arachnos technology behind manufacturing Tarantulas so Crey could gain a new edge.

When Regent Korol discovered who was behind the theft and what they were after, she couldn't let this crime against Arachnos go unpunished! She sent you to the main Crey Industries laboratory in Paragon City to punish Countess Crey for her impudence.

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