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Council Archon Insignia

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From the Story Arc "Operation Skyhook" given by Lt. Chalmers.
This Souvenir is restricted to the level range of 20 - 24.

Souvenir's Text

You captured this Council Archon's insignia in battle, and have kept it as a memento of the exploit when you were a part of the Council for a very short time, or at least it looked like if you were You remember it as:

Operation Skyhook

The Sky Raiders had a new scheme in mind to steal data on the Council's new robot design to incorporate into their own Jumpbots, but can't let the Council know it was their operation. In order to do that, they want to pin the whole thing on Wyvern, and in order to do that, they need an independent contractor to handle it. The first step was stealing a prototype holographic disguise system from Arachnos.

The next step was to get Wyvern angry enough to attack the Council by making them think the Council had attacked them first. You visited Dr. Shelly Percey, a scientist who had developed a way to give you temporary Nictus powers. Using these powers and the holographic disguise, you went to try and kidnap a Council defector Wyvern was trying to keep safe.

In the resulting chaos, you used the developing battle to steal the data from the Council, with neither side the wiser. The Sky Raiders will get their new robots, and you got your pay.

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