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Command-Line Options for Paragon Chat

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These are all the command line options that are accepted for Paragon Chat 1.0.

-pcdir X:\path\to\paragonchat
Sets the location of the Paragon Chat data directory, overriding the default of %APPDATA%\ParagonChat
-cohdir X:\path\to\coh
Sets the location to load the Issue 24 files from (client executable and piggs). Overrides the registry setting that is created by the first-time startup wizard.
Runs the New User eXperience again, which normally is only shown if Paragon Chat does not find a COH directory location saved in the registry.
Sets the default JID that is filled into the login box, overriding the saved value from the registry.
Enables multibox mode. Does not lock the database and allows more than one instance to run. This is now available on the option panel.
Shows the Paragon Chat debug window, which includes various log messages as well as a dump of the raw XMPP stream.
Specifying -debug twice enables debug mode for the client as well. This is not extremely useful on its on as all client debug messages are shown in the main Paragon Chat window as well, but does show the standard COH client console output as well, as if it were launched with -console 1. (bug: this is apparently not actually working as intended in the 1.0 release build)
Does not attempt to check for updates this session, regardless of the setting.
Offline mode. Does not automatically connect to XMPP and lets you create or modify characters locally without an Internet connection. This is now available on the option panel.
Does not prelaunch the client for faster startup. Might be useful if there is something wrong with the client and it causes systemwide issues just by running.
-controlport 1234
Manually sets the TCP port that Paragon Chat listens on for its control connection to the client. An ephemeral port (random available port number chosen by the OS) is normally used. There should be no reason to ever need this outside of very specific debugging scenarios.
Binds the client control TCP protocol, dbserver UDP protocol, and mapserver UDP protocol listening sockets to this address instead of This used to be a developer-only option in pre-1.0, but was enabled for release builds as well for 1.0. Only useful for special circumstances.
For testing over remote desktop where 3D acceleration is unavailable. If %APPDATA%\ParagonChat\Bin\Mesa\opengl32.dll exists, loads it and forces the client to use that instead of the system OpenGL. This file is not provided and must be user-supplied. Gallium LLVMpipe builds with full optimization highly recommended if you want any hope of an FPS higher than 1, especially if any ultra mode features are turned on. Unlikely to work unless you know exactly what you're doing. Your mileage may vary.
-bootstrap X:\path\to\bootstrap.exe
Used internally by the Paragon Chat Bootstrap to inform Paragon Chat where it was launched from on first run. Not generally useful, only serves as a hint to help find the COH directory when upgrading from old versions.
-basedir X:\any\path
Deprecated option; does nothing. Silently ignored by 1.0+.
Deprecated option; does nothing. Silently ignored by 1.0+.
Deprecated option; does nothing. Silently ignored by 1.0+.
Deprecated option; does nothing. Silently ignored by 1.0+.