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Centurion Badge

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You have proved yourself on the battlefield by defeating 100 Cimeroran Traitors

How to Get

Defeat 100 Cimeroran Traitors.

Note: The easiest way to accomplish this is to participate in the Imperious Task Force which contains several mission requiring the defeat of more than 100 Cimeroran Traitors.

Where to Find

Hero and Villain Zones

Level Zone Neighborhoods
36-46 Cimerora inside city
43-49 Cimerora on beach
50-52 Cimerora at fortress

Weapon Unlocked

When a Broad Sword Brute, Scrapper or Stalker earns this badge, they unlock the Roman - Gladiator and Roman - Savage weapon customizations.

Shield Unlocked

Earning this badge unlocks the Roman, Roman Engineer, Romulus Soldier, and Romulus General shields for Shield Defense.

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