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Jump to: navigation, search was originally created by Mapmaster255 as a repository of annotated maps and other information for various MMOs, including Asheron's Call, Asheron's Call 2, Biosfear, City of Heroes/Villains, Everquest, and Horizons. Due to a job change, Mapmaster255 sold the site to Sapph, Beef Cake, ewokspy, and Lord Nikon in April, 2006. The site was relaunched to only cover City of Heroes/Villains, and included interactive maps with selectable criteria for map objects, printable maps, and in-game map overlays. The sister site, (formerly, was used for tracking badges among characters.

As Sapph, ewokspy, and Lord Nikon gradually left the site, Blazing Imp and Blondeshell were brought on-board. Blondeshell released the first major overhaul of the printable maps in May, 2008, and eventually was responsible for all map-related updates. Due to a job change at the end of 2011, Beef Cake was no longer able to devote significant time to the site, which left Blondeshell also in charge of all news- and badge-related updates. In mid-September, 2012, mere days after the announcement of City of Heroes' sunsetting, both VidiotMaps and Badge-Hunter were compromised by a security hole in old forum software and went off-line for good. The maps included here are the final versions created for City of Heroes as they would have been in Issue 24.

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