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== Overview =={{Infobox Contact
== Overview ==
{{Infobox Contact
|name=Brick Johnson
|name=Brick Johnson
|img_capt=Arachnos Soldier
|img_capt=Arachnos Soldier
|zone=Port Oaks
|zone=Port Oakes

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Brick Johnson
Arachnos Soldier
Zone Port Oakes
Coordinates (-1335.0, 144.0, 1142.2)
Level Range 10-14
Introduced By Alan Desslock
Introduces Fortunata Hamilton
Enemy Groups N/A
Badges N/A
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Brick Johnson is a villain contact in the Four Seasons neighborhood of Port Oakes at coordinates (-1335.0, 144.0, 1142.2). His level range is 10-14. He gives missions to Villain Epic Archetypes.


Contact Introduced By

Initial Contact

So you are Character, eh? Dess told me you'd be comin'. He said to make sure you got from me whatever you needed.


Brick Johnson is an Arachnos Soldier, who has know Alan Desslock from back in the day. He trusts Alan, and Alan trust him. Brick knows a lot about what is going on in the organization nowadays, so he should be a helpful ally in your quest to become the Destined One.

New Contact(s)

Fortunata Hamilton can help you out at Threat Level 15, and I hope that this makes up for what Lt. Fossil made me do.

Forunata Hamilton is the one you need to seek. She and Alan have a deal, she won't give him up to Arachnos, and he won't clue them in on her dirty little secret. I'll make the intros now, but she won't have anything for you to do specifically until you are Threat Level 15.


Need data


Time to Earn Some Dough: Part One

I have a nice, simple smash and grab for you. There's a warehouse in Port Oakes that just got a shipment of bearer bonds in. I've got a doohickey that will override the lock on the crates, and since you'll be doing all the hard work, I'll even make it an attractive 90/10 split, where I will only take 10% of the profit? This job is too good to pass up!

  • I forgot to write down the mission accept text.

Here's the doohickey, just wave it in front of the crate. There will probably be some port authority guys there, but you can handle them.

  • Steal bearer bonds
    • 2 crates to locate

The doohickey seems to be tracking the crates.

Mission Objective: This crate is not as full of bearer bonds as you were lead to believe.

Mission Complete: You fended off the Arachnos ambush!

Hey, I know what you are thinking, you want to beat me into a pulp right now... but let me explain.

Lt. Fossil wanted you dead, and he has information on lots of us Arachnos soldiers that could get us thrown in the brig, or worse. He waited until you contacted one of us and then blackmailed us into setting you up into that ambush. I know you will probably never trust me again, but if you want to take the risk, I can tell you which base Lt. Fossil is working in right now. He won't be expecting the likes of you to show up. You could beat him seven ways 'til Sunday for what he tried to do to you. I think you'd agree that this would be an excellent plan.

I was just following orders.

Attack/Counterattack: Part Two

OK, here is the plan. Lt. Fossil is holed up in Port Oakes. He's hiding out ordering his men around. He normally doesn't get his hands dirty, as you know combat can be dangerous. He usually just throws subordinates at the problem until the problem goes away. However, he can't resist a 'big score' on his record. If you were to pose as a Paragon Hero while taking down his base, he would most definitely try to take you down himself.

  • Pose as a Hero to trap Lt. Fossil

You should go and visit the Facemaker in Port Oakes. She will set you up with a new costume that you can use to look less like an Arachnos soldier.

  • Get Paragon Hero Disguise from the Facemaker

The Facemaker (Face Tailor): Yes yes, Alan told me you were coming. I have just what you need, if you have the infamy to pull it off!

I have given you early access to another Costume Slot. Speak with my nurses to have them tailor up a new costume for you, so you look less Arachnos, if you wish.

  • Deceive and defeat Lt. Fossil
    • Defeat Lt. Fossil

The disguise is working, the base's automated defense systems see you as an invading Paragon Hero.

Mission Complete: You showed Fossil you were the real deal!

Great job! Lt. Fossil seems to be in a coma after all the hurt you put down on him. He won't be talking to anyone for a long time, plus I think his plans to take you down are at an end.

Man you ARE as good as Alan says.

If you are serious about this Destined One fetish, you really should be talking to a Fortunata, and I know just the one.