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Bone Scroll Case

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From the Story Arc "On the Trail of the Leviathan" given by Operative Kirkland.
This Souvenir is restricted to the level range of 25-29.

Souvenir's Text

This is a bone scroll case taken from a Legacy Chain hideout. It contains the Nezrix Parchment and Tokarii Prophecy, two bits of lore you discovered in a tale you like to call:

On the Trail of the Leviathan

It all started with an investigation initiated by Arachnos Operative Kirkland into the presence of Circle of Thorns mystics on Sharkhead Isle. Interrogation of Circle hostiles in Potter's Field revealed the mystics are researching the coming of a powerful entity.

Arachnos needed to know more. Operative Kirkland sent you to raid a Circle of Thorns lair beneath Potter's Field. There you found some Circle of Thorns lore called the Tokarii Scrolls. The Tokarii Scrolls tell of a powerful and voracious creature that was entombed under Sharkhead Isle in ages past. The prophet Tokarii speaks of a time when this great beast will break free of its prison and consume everything that lies in its path.

Operative Kirkland authorized you to perform a raid on a Legacy Chain hideout to confiscate their lore and interrogate their people. You discovered the Nezrix Parchment, relating further that the creature underneath Sharkhead Isle was spawned by the mad priest of the sea goddess Merulina. Legacy Arcanist Aldhelm related that he believed that the Circle of Thorns were researching the knowledge to control the beast upon its awakening.

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