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Base Energy Items

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All information on this page is current as of Issue 13.

Many functional Base Items require energy to operate. Energy is provided by Energy items, which like other base objects, come in both Tech and Arcane styles. Auxiliary items must match the style of the main energy item they're being paired to. Energy itself isn't typed - for example, energy that comes from an arcane energy item can be used to power a tech telepad.

Hidden base plots can only contain a single main energy item while secure base plots can contain two.


Combo Power and Control Unit - A special type of item intended for getting bases off of the ground. It provides 125 energy and 75 control, costs 25,000 prestige and can only be placed in the Oversight Center room.

Arcane Name Tech Name Price Energy Produced Aux Allowed Unlocked By Crafted
Power Crystal Basic Generator 200,000 prestige 1000 2 N/A No
Ley Tap Turbine Generator 1,000,000 prestige 5000 2 N/A Yes
Dimensional Vortex Fusion Generator 5,000,000 prestige 25,000 2 Fusion Generator Plans Badge Yes


Arcane Name Tech Name Price Energy Produced Energy Consumed Control Consumed Unlocked By Crafted Notes
Crystal Focus Circuit Breaker 30,000 prestige 150 0 0 N/A No
Crystal Ward Generator Energy Curtain 100,000 prestige 0 100 25 N/A Yes Protects generator