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Base Building Guide

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Types of Rooms

  • Doorway - Doorways are 1x1 room blocks that are automatically added in when placing new rooms from any of the other categories/tags. Placing a doorway is possible to change its location, but only when there is already two rooms with only a single block of empty space between them. (Assuming there are no decorations or objects blocking the wall or entry where the new doorway would go).
  • Decorative - These rooms are filler and serve no purpose other than the beautification of a base. They can not hold any type of item that performs a service or function, merely decor. Due to this, they are the exception to the rule on increasing room costs, for every single one has the price of 150000 inf.
  • Energy - Rooms that can hold energy generators, they are limited to 1 main energy device per room for the smaller rooms, and 2 for the larger (and prohibitively expensive) ones. These rooms also all allow the placement of a single storage bin as well.
  • Control - Once energy exists, control rooms take care of the opertation of all of the base devices. These rooms are nearly identical in use to the energy rooms with only several exceptions. The most notable of these, is that this category contains the startup room called an "Oversight Center". These centers are a merger of energy, control, and workshop rooms. They allow instead of a generator or control device, a startup device that provides both of these things, just in a smaller quantity.
  • Defense - Rooms that are intended to hold PvP base defenses in case of a base raid, at this time, normal base raiding is turned off in-game, so this guide will not cover this topic.
  • Transportation - Rooms that contain the teleporters, devices that provide rapid transport to others bases, or various city zones.
  • Workshop - Workshops are areas for crafting and storage. Other rooms might allow single storage bins, workshops usually hold 9 per room.
  • Medical - These room are used for resurrection of dead characters, or the selling and buying of inspirations.
  • Vault - These rooms are used to hold items in conjunction with the PvP aspect of bases, and won't be fully explained here as the systems that use them are not currently all on in-game

Power and Control



Base PvP

Bases where originally designed to be tied into a pvp system that was never activated in-game. This is reflected in many areas and flaws in general base set up. While this system is not something players can fully take part in, supergroups with enough prestige can take part in "friendly" raiding of each others bases provided they have the following rooms and setup in their bases:


  • need minimum room requirements for various power and control main devices
  • friend raids needs to be tested to see if it still requires all CoP equipment before it allows an sg to partake.