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Badges in Paragon Chat

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Since Paragon Chat version 1.09, Badge Collecting have returned to the client. Exploration badges behave as when the client was live: navigate to where a badge is and if you're within range, you'll earn the badge. You can also open the Collect menu and click on a badge to set a badge title on your character.

Other badges are granted to your character conditionally.

  • Accolades based on Exploration badge collection grant when all the requirements are met and show a tracker in the Collect > Badges > Closest to Completion menu.
  • Event badges are granted based on participation.
  • Achievements grant when a specific number of badges are collected.

Temp power granting badges (such as Entrusted With The Secret, or any Accolade Powers) are not available.

Managing Expectations

Any badges tied to defeats or combat will not work in Paragon Chat. (Re: Paragon Chat FAAAQ[1] on Titan Network Forums.) The following classes of badges will not likely come back:

  • Most Accolades badges that are not tied to Exploration Badge collection.
  • Veteran (No account subscriptions.)
  • Defeats (No PvE mobs.)
  • Ouroboros (No missions.)

This list is subject to change at any time.

Badges confirmed working in Paragon Chat

Main article: Badges known to work in Paragon Chat

As there will be more badges that don't work versus what does, please stick to positive verification for the time being.

The following categories have returned as of version 1.0.12:

  • Exploration (First category to return as of 1.0.9)
  • Accolades (Badges tied to collection only, works as of
  • Accomplishment (So far, Ski Race at the moment, works as of 1.0.12)
  • Achievement (Badges tied to collection only, works as of 1.0.12)
  • Event (Worked as of 1.0.2, first four badges awarded for all characters made. Extended in 1.0.8 for Winter Event.)