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Azuria's Thank You Card

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From the Task Force "The Rule of Three" given by Positron.

Souvenir's Text

Azuria's Thank You Card

You received a thank you card from Azuria when she was released from the hospital in Atlas Park. Reading it over, it reminds you of an experience you know as...

The Rule of Three

Positron sought out you and your team to help out with some issues around Steel Canyon. Your first investigation was into the Vahzilok. You went into one of their lairs within the sewers and arrested Epidural, one of Dr. Vahzilok's lieutenants. You found on him some odd chemicals, which Positron took to analyze.

While Positron was working on his analysis, you investigated an army of Clockwork being formed in a warehouse within Steel Canyon. You defeated an Assembler Prince named Gearteeth and found some odd parts lying around the warehouse. They weren't parts that belonged to the Clockwork, however. You also overheard the Clockwork speaking about some operation they were planning in the Faultline Dam.

You gave the parts to Positron, who had another task for you. Numina had contacted Azuria, saying that she was destined to work with your team. Your presence was requested by Azuria to recover the Book of T'Jer'imikanu from deep within Oranbega. You were able to storm Oranbega and make it out safely with the book.

Now that Azuria had her book and Numina was appeased, it was time to get back to business. Positron located another Vahzilok cell within Steel Canyon. He asked you to storm it and find out anything you could about the chemical you recovered earlier. You did so and discovered that part of the chemical was Excelsior, used mainly by the Freakshow to make it easier to graft their parts onto their bodies. Positron proposed that perhaps Dr. Vahzilok was trying to make the bodies of ALL the people in Paragon like this. But why?

Before that question could be answered, Positron received an SOS call from Ms. Liberty. The Circle of Thorns had attacked the very heart of Atlas Park! Your team went in to fight them off, saving the trapped heroes that were there as well as the heart of city hall itself. You all had fought a shadow version of your very task force as well! Unfortunately, the Circle of Thorns had made off with the Book of T'Jer'imikanu. Despite that loss, your team had single-handedly saved Atlas Park and MAGI from the Circle of Thorns. For that, you'll all always be remembered.

Like all good things though, your time for victory would be short. The Vahzilok, Clockwork, and the Circle of Thorns all had plans for Faultline's Dam, and there was only one team who could stop them - yours.

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