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Avid Reader Badge

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You take the time to listen to what everyone has to say very carefully, and read everything you run across. As a reward for this remarkable trait, you have more than earned this badge.

How to Get

This badge can be earned in two ways:


  • Rothstein is located in the instanced mission of the Praetorian tutorial arc. Down the ramp past the damaged Clockwork is a room full of Ghouls fighting Resistance. Rothstein is present in this room, but you must help clean out the Ghouls before he will talk to you.
  • Prometheus can be found in Ouroboros.


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  • The badge can be earned from Prometheus by selecting the following dialogue options:
    • "I have earned the right to know more about the Well."
    • "What is the Well of the Furies?"
    • "What do you mean all power? I know of those who gained their powers Naturally!"
    • "Wait, didn't Lord Recluse intercept all powers in the world once? Couldn't the Well stop that?"
    • "The Flames ended that? What are they? Using them must have raised your reputation."

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