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Animal Costume Set

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The Animal Costume Set was originally released with the Animal Pack but is now only available through the Paragon Market. This set contains 19 costume pieces (plus variations), as well as two related auras, eight emotes, and one power.

Costume Bundle

ParagonMarket CostumeSet Animal.png
The Animal Costume Bundle is available on the Paragon Market for 400 Paragon Points. If purchasing all of the pieces separately, they would cost 1080pp total. No auras, emotes or powers are contained in this bundle.

Costume Pieces


ParagonMarket Animal MediumCatHeads.png Animal Big Cats - Medium Size (M/F/H) - 80pp

  • Cheetah and Panther Faces
    • Includes round and pointy ears for each face

ParagonMarket Animal LargeCatHeads.png Animal Big Cats - Large Size (M/F/H) - 80pp

  • Lion and Tiger Faces
    • Includes round and pointy ears, regular or saber tooth teeth, and lion mane and tiger side burns for each face
Picture MIA

ParagonMarket Animal GreyWolfHead.png Grey Wolf Head (M/F/H) - 60pp

ParagonMarket Animal ArcticWolfHead.png Arctic Wolf Head (M/F/H) - 60pp

ParagonMarket Animal AvianHeadandBeaks.png Bird Head (M/F/H) - 200pp

  • Eagle Face
    • Includes eagle, vulture, and hawk beaks

ParagonMarket Animal MinotaurHead.png Minotaur Head (M/F/H) - 80pp

  • Minotaur Face
    • Includes small, medium, and large horns, and small/large, thick/thin nose rings

Upper Body


ParagonMarket Animal ChestFur.png Animal Fur (M/F/H) - 60pp

ParagonMarket Animal FurPattern.png Fur Pattern (M/F/H) - 20pp

ParagonMarket Animal CheetahPattern.png Cheetah Pattern (M/F/H) - 20pp

ParagonMarket Animal LeopardPattern.png Leopard Pattern (M/F/H) - 20pp

ParagonMarket Animal TigerPattern.png Tiger Pattern (M/F/H) - 20pp


ParagonMarket Animal HandFur.png Hand Fur (M/F/H) - 60pp

  • Animal Fur option under Monstrous Fur

Lower Body


ParagonMarket Animal MonstrousFurPattern.png Monstrous Fur Pattern (Legs) (M/F/H) - 20pp

  • Available under Tight lower body type


  • Available under Monstrous lower body type

ParagonMarket Animal BirdClaws.png Bird Claws (M/F/H) - 60pp

ParagonMarket Animal CatClaws.png Cat Claws (M/F/H) - 60pp


ParagonMarket Animal CatTail.png Cat Tail (M/F/H) - 60pp

ParagonMarket Animal WolfTail.png Wolf Tail (M/F/H) - 60pp

ParagonMarket Animal RaggedWolfTail.png Ragged Wolf Tail (M/F/H) - 60pp

ParagonMarket Animal MinotaurTail.png Minotaur Tail (M/F/H) - 60pp


The auras related to this costume set are not part of a bundle and must be purchased separately.

ParagonMarket Aura Fleas.png Fleas Aura - 80pp

ParagonMarket Aura BeastlyRage.png Beastly Rage Aura - 80pp


The emotes related to this costume set are not part of a bundle and must be purchased separately.

Standard Emotes

ParagonMarket EmoteHiss.png Hiss Emote (/emote Hiss) - 40pp

ParagonMarket EmoteSavage.png Savage Emote (/emote Savage) - 40pp

ParagonMarket EmoteSniff.png Sniff Emote (/emote Sniff) - 40pp

Costume Change Emotes

ParagonMarket CCEmote FeatherBurst.png Feather Burst Costume Emote (/cce # FeatherBurst) - 80pp

ParagonMarket CCEmote FeatherSpin.png Feather Spin Costume Emote (/cce # FeatherSpin) - 80pp

ParagonMarket CCEmote FurBurst.png Fur Burst Costume Emote (/cce # FurBurst) - 80pp

ParagonMarket CCEmote FurSpin.png Fur Spin Costume Emote (/cce # FurSpin) - 80pp


The power related to this costume set is not part of a bundle and must be purchased separately.

ParagonMarket Power BeastRun.png Beast Run - 500pp

Preselected Costumes

There are no preselected costumes for this set.

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