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An etched Clockwork piece

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From the Story Arc "The Clockwork Captive" given by Athena Currie, Carla Brunelli, or Everett Daniels.
This Souvenir is restricted to the level range of 10-14.

Souvenir's Text

An etched Clockwork piece

You've kept this piece of a Clockwork robot with the words 'help me' scratched into it. It's a reminder of the mechanic Lou, whose family you rescued from the Clockwork King in a mission you've come to think of as:

The Clockwork Captive

It began with a couple of routine Clockwork missions. While clearing out a Clockwork nest, you found a note indicating that a man was being held captive by the Clockwork. While defeating Clockwork on the streets of Paragon City, you found a Clockwork robot with the words 'help me' inscribed on its surface.

Your contact sent you to a Clockwork den to find the missing man, but you returned with only a scribbled note. The words 'CVX-1701 junction RVB-0070' were the only legible text. Your contact suspected these words were an address and sent you to the city representative to test this theory.

Your contact was correct. The note referred to an address of sorts: an unused annex of the sewer system. You journeyed there and rescued the mechanic from the Clockwork. Lou had some interesting observations about the engineering of the Clockwork. Despite the obvious fact that the robots do function, Lou claimed their designs were technically impossible.

Lou also told you that his wife and daughter had been kidnapped to ensure his cooperation. You went to Lou's shop to look for clues and discovered that the women had been held there all along. You freed them and repelled the Clockwork infestation from Lou's shop.

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