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Abandoned Sewers Trial/Strategy

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All members of the team on the final mission must have reached at least level 38. Any members over 40 will be exemplared to level 40. Including at least one teleport-capable team member is strongly recommended in order to help anyone who may be having difficulty getting around in the Abandoned Sewer Network and keep the team together inside the .

After clearing 100 Rikti from the Abandoned Sewer Network, gather outside the entrance to the maintenance room. When the first team member enters the door, the 90 minute countdown will begin. Make certain everyone is ready before entering. Keep in mind that if the entire team should leave the mission map at any time, a mission failure will occur.

After entering the maintenance room, begin to descend the silo. It is usually best to stay together as the team works its way down the shaft and team members acquire weapons from the Rikti crates. Be cautious when engaging the Hatched Krakens as these Hydra can be very challenging for some teams.

In order to ensure that each team member gets at least one weapon, no team member should take more than one crate during the initial descent toward the Hydra head. If the team has difficulty against the Hydra, the battle may drag out long enough for some characters to exhaust the charges on their temp powers and they will be unable to replenish their supply if all of the crates were collected in the first pass.

At the bottom of the shaft, gather the team in a safe location away from the Force Field Generators and out of line of site of all the Tentacles and Hydra head. Use the Thermite Cannons to clear the tentacles while avoiding the Hydra head, which fires potent psi attacks. Be sure to keep an eye out for the Hatched Krakens that can sometimes be found wandering around the bottom of the shaft.

Once the Tentacles have been dealt with, clear all of the the Force Field Generators of Rikti, but be careful not to destroy the generators in doing so. When the Rikti have been cleared, send one or two heroes each to each Force Field Generator. Wait for each group to reach their positions. When each generator is covered, the team must attack and defeat the generators in unison - usually on the team leader's signal. Each squad should then call out when they have destroyed their generator.

Once all generators are down, everyone should attack the Hydra head, dealing damage as quickly as possible until the shields are restored and the head becomes unaffected by all attacks. Characters with Particle Cannons can do heavy damage to the head and should be able to successfully fire about 5 charges each round if the Force Field Generator attacks were coordinated well. If everything is flowing smoothly, it should only take 4 rounds to defeat the head.

Once the head becomes unaffected by attacks, the team will need to repeat the process of clearing Force Field Generators of Rikti, coordinating destruction of the generators, and attacking the head again.

Successful completion of the trial awards a choice of either a Merit Reward or a multi-purpose Hydra Enhancement (level 40-43). Characters that are exemplared for this trial will only be eligible to receive the Merit Reward.