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A universal TV remote

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From the Story Arc "The TV Invasion" given by Television.
This Souvenir is restricted to the level range of 45-50.

Souvenir's Text

You understand, now. Television, it's like a living thing. It's a mirror for the human psyche, both an idea, and an imaginary place. People have faith in it, they trust it, and some even worship it. It's no wonder the Nemesis Army wanted to control it. You put a stop to that plan in an escapade you called

The TV Invasion

It all started as You were settling down to watch some movies on TV, when things started to go wrong. There were Freakshow who'd somehow found their way inside television. And Telvision was... Hurting from that. You knew you had to fix it, somehow. And the only way to do that would be to enter Television yourself. Which you did. You walked into the screen, and fought for Television inside Television. You fought through the Freakshow who had gotten trapped, rescued the actors to make sure the movie finished properly, and found the source of the problem: The Nemesis Army. You recovered a memory cartridge from a destroyed Fake Nemesis robot. Now if only you had a memory cartridge reader. Perhaps you'll find one the next time you face the Nemesis Army in Television.

The Nemesis Army continued their conquest of Television with a strike directed at a gangster movie. You entered Television once more, and this time came out with a memory cartridge auditor. When you were out again, you put it all together, and found the origin of the Nemesis Army's attack.

The Nemesis Army had formed a beachhead in a post-apocalypse movie. You entered TV again and drove them out. Perhaps next time Television will be able to gather it's own defenders, but for now, it has shown it's gratitude to you. Your favorite shows are always on, the ads are few, and your reception is always crystal clear.

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