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A strange casino chip

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From the Story Arc "Miss Fortune's Wheel" given by Slot Machine.
This Souvenir is restricted to the level range of 30-34.

Souvenir's Text

These strange Casino chips each have a clue on one side that led you on a series of exploits you now remember as:

Miss Fortune's Wheel

You always thought being a villain would be interesting and profitable, but sometimes things get kind of strange, even for you. You'd heard that there was a Slot Machine in St. Martial that sometimes gave out hot tips to criminal opportunities instead of a jackpot. Turns out the rumors were true. You played the machine and got a tip about some Tsoo who had stolen some ancient weapons from an archaeological exposition being held at the Giza.

You played the Slot Machine again, and this time learned about a group of Freaks who had tried to hack the Giza's accounts. While busting their heads and trying to steal all the purloined funds yourself, you found out that the Freak leader had been blackmailing the Tsoo boss you'd just taken out, and was himself in the thrall of a Carnival Mistress.

The next clue led you to a Carnival heist in progress. While fighting and stealing, you found out that Miss Fortune, the Carnival Mistress running the show, was not only the one controlling the Freak boss you'd fought, but was also in debt to the Tsoo boss you battled earlier. It seems that what comes around goes around, on Miss Fortune's Wheel.

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