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A prototype Quantum weapon

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From the Story Arc "Fear and Loathing on Striga Isle" given by Shadowstar or Sunstorm.
This Souvenir is restricted to the level range of 25-29.

Souvenir's Text

A prototype Quantum weapon

Dr. Winslowe and his team at SERAPH gave you this non-functional prototype, based on designs captured from a conspiracy within the Council itself. Winslowe thinks he may be able to perfect the design one day, but for now you keep it as a memento of the strange case you remember as:

Fear and Loathing on Striga Isle

After a captured Council Archon had revealed he existence of a rabidly anti-Nictus and anti-Kheldian faction within the Council, monitoring of the evil organization was stepped up dramatically, looking for further clues. The clue you were looking for came when Moonfire, the Kheldian agent on Striga Island, discovered that a group of Council soldiers was secretly testing new weapons against the Banished Pantheon. The weapons were being tuned for use against Nictus, but you found both a War Wolf and a Galaxy soldier working to help test them.

Searching for clues about why the Galaxy Archon Booker would help against the Kheldians, you investigated his old base. There you discovered that he had learned something dire about Arakhn's plans, and was feeling himself transforming into an alien being from his Nictus Fragment implants. These combined led him into the conspiracy.

One of the names mentioned in Booker's journals was an Archon Coster, the head of a research base. You infiltrated the facility, but found it already under attack by the Banished Pantheon, who sought revenge for being used as test subjects. Coster had been killed by the Pantheon by the time you arrived, but his notes not only had the names of the remaining conspirators, but showed that Coster had been a double-agent, and had assembled those names for Arakhn herself.

You rescued the scientists that the Council conspirators had forced to work on their anti-Nictus weapons, and captured Archon Stone, the third conspirator. From this point forward, it would be a race to capture the last conspirators before Arakhn could hunt them down.

You captured Lt. Wester and Archon Turley, two more members of the conspiracy, before Arakhn could assassinate them. You also discovered that the remaining conspirators planned to escape Striga Island and defect to another organization.

As you rushed the capture of the last two conspirators for all valuable information they held, you learned that Arakhn had alerted the Center to the conspiracy. With no time to lose, you captured Archon Saager and Archon Voight before they could escape from Striga on a cargo vessel. With all the conspirators safely captured, Arakhn's attempts to assassinate them were foiled, and much new information about Nictus activity within the Council could be gained. It may take some time for the conspirators to talk, so you were encouraged to improve your powers until then so you'd be ready to investigate whatever was revealed. You were told to come back when you were about Stature Level 30 to continue.

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