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A fragment from the Spirit World

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From the Story Arc "An Arachnos Ghost Story" given by Veluta Lunata.
This Souvenir is restricted to the level range of 10-14.

Souvenir's Text

A fragment from the Spirit World

This simple piece of stone might not look special to anyone else, but for you it's a reminder of your brief sojourn in the spirit world, during an escapade you like to call:

An Arachnos Ghost Story

It began with a routine operation. Veluta Lunata was having some trouble with an Arachnos operative named Rauscher, so she asked you to shake him down and see what was going on. You went to Rauscher's lab, but encountered only the terrible ghosts that haunt Port Oakes. You battled through the dreadful specters, and found a disturbing note indicating that Rauscher was using the Arachnos lab for her own purposes.

Veluta told you of another of Rauscher's labs, where he kept the ghosts he studied imprisoned. You went there, and encountered more ghosts, but also something else. Several Arachnos soldiers were there, though they appeared in a ghostly form. You realized that Rauscher had found a way to shift his men into the spirit world.

And so, you had to follow him. Not only to satisfy your own curiosity, but also to stave off the wrath of Ghost Widow, who would not be pleased with Rauscher's defection and who might take her fury out on any convenient target. You encountered Rauscher in the spirit world and defeated him, although his last words continue to echo in your mind: 'I will return.'

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