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A completed contract

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From the Story Arc "Blurring the Lines" given by Kelly Uqua.
This Souvenir is restricted to the level range of 35-39.

It should be noted that there are two possible souvenirs from this story arc. If one fails the last mission, they receive "A disk of false information" instead.

Souvenir's Text

A completed contract

Crey doesn't take on many freelancers, and Crey's secretive Technology Acquisitions department takes on even less. So, you like to keep this fulfilled contract around to remember the time you were one of those freelancers on a little job you like to remember as:

Blurring the Lines

Ms. Kelly Uqua was impressed enough by your work to ask if she could retain you for a long-term contract. Apparently, some investigators from Longbow were getting a bit too nosy, and might find out about some of the Rikti artifacts in their possession. The first job on the contract was to break up a Longbow listening post, and recover whatever data they'd gotten. It was mostly dry financial stuff, but there were some odd notes handwritten on it here and there. Ms. Uqua made no mention of it, though, so you have to wonder how important it could have been.

For the next job, Ms. Uqua wanted you to destroy a Rikti artifact that Longbow had gotten hold of. She was afraid that they'd be able to reverse engineer it and discover the source of several new patents. You were able to destroy the thing, but again there were some odd elements. Something didn't seem to add up, but you were well paid.

The last job was simple enough. A Longbow agent named Arthur Bell had apparently grown frustrated by your interference into their investigation, and decided to sink to your level with a smear tactic against Kelly Uqua herself, to make it look like she was an agent of a foreign power. You took care of the Longbow scum and planted some false data to confuse their search. Ms. Uqua was quite happy with all you've done for her and her people.

Almost too happy. And there seemed to be something that the Longbow agent had tried to tell you. Oh well. Probably doesn't matter. You finished the contract, and got paid, that's the important thing.

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