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A Madman's Council

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From the Story Arc "A Madman's Council" given by Lars Hansen.
This Souvenir is restricted to the level range of 25-29.

Souvenir's Text

A Madman's Council

Whenever you pass the old lighthouse in Striga Isle, you're reminded of the events you've come to know as:

A Madman's Council

Lars Hansen knows more about the Council than anyone else. You sought him out and the two of you have had a good working relationship ever since. You act upon his intel, confiscating supplies, cleaning up the Wolf's Throat and infiltrating their Mount Richardson base.

However, it was when you heard the name Archon Burkholder that things began to change. Burkholder, a man who was once with the "old regime" and somehow managed to stay in his original position once the Council took over. He sounded dangerous, and you were starting to get worried. Then help came in a most unusual place... from your pocket. You found a note from an Ernesto Hess.

" ...I have info for you, if you are brave enough to come for it. I have served the Council for years, but now I'm ready to help you tear it down."

Perhaps this is just the break you were looking for or perhaps it's a trap. Either way, it's your only hope at bringing down the Council.

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